Continued Travels In The 1900’s

Above a stop off in Palermo……I think, the Capuchin Catacombs originally for friars it became a bit of a status symbol in future generations to be entombed in the catacombs. The rest of the photographs in this post I don’t know where they were taken. I assume they are all from the same trip. Below there’s only one name visible on any of the ships … Continue reading Continued Travels In The 1900’s


The Final Run

Picked up some medium format film yesterday and decided to burn a roll through the old Isolette III. The above image is an accidental triple exposure which has turned out not too bad. Not sure how the first and second overlapped but I do know I hadn’t wound on the film for the third shot, I actually overrode the lock to take the third it … Continue reading The Final Run

Mortuary Chapel

The mortuary chapel in Arbroath’s Western Cemetery taken with an infrared filter. You can’t get inside this building but if you give it a Google there are some interior shots. Built in 1875 or rather they started building it then it was nine years before it was completed. It was passed over to Arbroath Town COuncil for funeral services of all denominations but is no … Continue reading Mortuary Chapel

Infrared 1.1

Another stab with the infrared filter today, still playing around with Lightroom/Photoshop editing to get the look I like. Tried a few looks to this one and settling for this effort…….at the moment. One of the photographers on Flickr does amazing shots with Kodak Aerochrome film which turns foliage red. It was apparently used during WWII to pick out camouflaged buildings Richard Mosse went off … Continue reading Infrared 1.1