The castle from yesterday’s trip sitting atop it’s weather and wave battered rock. The crown jewels of Scotland were once hidden in this castle and Hollywood royalty visited when part of Mel Gibson’s Hamlet was filmed there.
Some film was fired off but it’ll be another time before they’re developed.

I’ve noticed recently that my posts have not been showing up in the WP reader which is obviously not good as nobody then sees them. I think this may be caused by the adblocker I have running in Chrome and since disabling it on WP I now seem to be back in the reader, you lucky people.

Dunnottar Castle


There’s a bit of a Hermann grid illusion going on in the above photo or I’ve just got weird eyes.


Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill you.

I was gonna title this Mickybo and Me but I’m not so sure how many people have seen the classic movie of the same name so Butch and Sundance it is.
If you can find it I suggest you give it a watch, it’s a great wee tale set in a Belfast on the brink and two pals with a love for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Once you’ve seen the film then you’ll get the photo.
Here’s a wee taster below. Manos arriba!


A wee run up the coast today to Stonehaven to see Dunnottar Castle on the rocks, surprised by how busy it was.
I was also surprised to see my surname in a memorial to the Covenanters, it’s rare to see it spelt the way we spell it.
The shot above is obviously not the castle but I thought a long exposure over the field could look pretty cool, the castle to follow.


A couple more shots from the Praktica BMS. I shall be out and about in a different part of sunny Scotland soon, the usual rules apply either the cover of National Geographic will be shot or more than likely it will not.
Very close to buying an enlarger last night but still deciding if I’m gonna shoot enough film to make it worthwhile. Film will be shot tomorrow but so will digital.
Actually this might be the last from the Praktica as I’ve just discovered that the cocking lever no longer works.



Just in time for the B&W film arriving the good lady purchased a Praktica BSM with a few lenses, flashes and shutter release cables. This camera becomes the only item I own that was made in the former German Democratic Republic, this one was purchased in Dundee so it’s doubtful that the Stasi snapped anyone with it or that it saw the fall of the Wall.

These shots were all done last night as the sun was setting, the camera has a decent wee inbuilt metering system which was letting me know it was getting a bit too dark for non tripod shooting. Managed to fire off the whole 36 exposures, I’ll take a bit more time with the next 36.





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