Your silhouette is so stationary….

Yesterday as we headed back to town from the hills a low flying plane coming towards us veered in the direction of the moon. I was hoping it was going to cut right across it but it dipped just below.

This is a heavy crop of the original shot, didn’t have time to switch lenses. Been playing around with this for a while in Lightroom but I couldn’t get a result I was happy with, in the end I went with one of the Silver Efex presets.

Tough not to go with the title from Francis Albert but sometimes it’s best not to mess with Major Tom.



A wee walk with the family today towards the hills probably around fifteen miles in total covered. For the first time in ages I’ve fired off a fair amount of reasonably decent shots on the DSLR and a few 35/120mm.


Finally getting to the foot of the hills we spotted the ribs of the below beast sticking out from the frosty grass. Just the white bones remain although it does look like it’s been freshly picked clean.



Forgot all about this photo of a painting. This along with a couple of other was hanging outside York Art Gallery to give the passing tourist a glimpse of what’s inside.

This particular one is Edward Burra’s Silver Dollar. I could copy and paste a load of stuff about the man and pretend I know lots about him but you’ll maybe prefer this documentary about him instead.

Zorki **** Up!

Shooting with the Zorki down in York and I somehow managed to double expose a couple of shots and then ended up snapping the film right at the end. The above shot showing the tear and the below shots showing double exposure.

Zorki **** Up!

As you can see I’ve also managed to let a bit of light to the film. Still they don’t look to bad in an arty kind of way. To quote Joel Goodson, “Sometimes you’ve just gotta say, “What the ****!”

Zorki **** Up!

There is a couple of decent shots that have survived the film massacre they may follow soon.


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