Dundee Dad's Army

I’ve been spending the past few hours colouring this old black and white of Dundee’s Home Guard giving a couple of Germans an escort along Bell Street in the centre of Dundee. A photo that has always fascinated me purely because of the Luftwaffe officer towering above the last line of defence.
This is a work in progress a few things to do and a few things to go back and change.


…Never say excuse me,
never say please,
ram it in the back
of someone‚Äôs knees…

The sticking out remains of a drowned trolley or shopping cart if you’re from America. The top part of the picture has been over exposed by the light leaks in the camera. The leaks weren’t so obvious in the first roll I shot back in January probably due to keeping it in the case during shots whereas yesterday the camera was out for a few hours in bright sunlight.

Death Of A Trolley


Fired off the final few frames from the mighty Ricoh 500G today. It’s the first roll of 35mm I’ve done for a while the previous film shots have all been 120 with some success and some not so successful.
The one thing about shooting film is I can’t remember what I shot at the start of the roll so it’s always a surprise to see what comes out the can good or bad. I might need to look into a bulk loader and shoot shorter rolls, although shorter roll will mean more chemicals.

In the changing bag

Above is a shot of everything chucked in the changing bag. You maybe want to do a wee checklist of things to put in before popping open the can. Carefully threading your film onto the spool and then spotting your changing tank sitting outside the bag is going to cause a problem. Thankfully I haven’t done that and managed to successfully use scissors in the confined space too.


This is the second roll through the Ricoh last one was shot around about December/January and this one is showing some noticeable light leaks. Proper scans tomorrow to follow.