A year ago today we returned to Italy and a first time visit of Rome, this year we’ll be safely locked up at home.
I did develop some film yesterday with a couple of memories from Rome tucked away on them and the plan now is to set up the darkroom and see if I can print out some images from them. It’s been a long time since the darkroom was setup so hopefully I can pull a decent image out.

From memory I’m sure this image was taken whilst sitting on the ruins around the Colosseum before deciding to chance a tour from one of the numerous touts around the area. We weren’t mugged and the tour turned out to be pretty decent with a couple of hours in the Colosseum itself and then around the Roman Forum. Personally I thought the forum was a better experience than the amphitheatre, you can sit at one end and almost feel like you’re transported to the time of the glory of Rome and imagine walking along the road towards the Colosseum for a day at the games.

I’ve just edged ahead of last years stats and celebrated 8 years of blogging from WordPress not sure how many of my original followers are still blogging on these days.

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