Macro Spider


A wee spider that I’ve spent the last wee while chasing around for a shot at some beastie macro stuff. Surprisingly these little fellas are not to keen on sitting still and holding a pose, this is probably the best of the shots. Looks better if you click on the photo to get the full screen Flickr effect. He does have quite a nice little bit of light shinning off himself.

The Old Photography Workshop


I don’t remember seeing this before on my travels but I must have because it’s been there from at least 1945.
I like these old painted signs that used to be beside the doors of old tenements in Dundee, there’s a couple more under this one but they are well faded and unreadable.
Done a quick Google on Mr Brown and found a few rugby squad shots from the 1944-45 season here. His photographs are at the bottom of the page.
I should have taken a shot of his first floor studio but I’m heroically battling man flu at the moment and really couldn’t be bothered firing off any shots on my wee holiday that turned out to be a waste of time ……..or was it?

A Gift


Last year the folks went off to Austria for a wee break and I assume stopped off in Italy for a day trip and because they love me so much they brought me back a Rolex…………catalogue! I imagine they’re saving the pennies for the real thing this year.

The catalogue is as you’d expect a thing of beauty with every Rolex you can buy and some cracking close up photography of the parts that all fit together. Some folk are such avid collectors of these and other watches that the catalogues themselves can go for a tenner or two.
I could look at watches all day especially watches that are way out of my price range. Any other fans of horology should check out the Watchville app for Android and iphone, it has all the latest news on the world of expensive timepieces and also includes an atomic clock for keeping your own collection in time.

Until the numbers come up I’m stuck with my Chinese rip off although to be fair it’s been keeping time for about seven years now.