The Falls Of Reekie Linn

The weekend past had fairly reasonable weather. We might be heading out of our recent ice age conditions and getting some heat soon, just before winter comes around again! We’re at the Reekie Linn waterfalls they get their name from the Victorians. . . well the first part anyway. In Scotland Reekie means smoke and the spray coming off the water can have a smoke … Continue reading The Falls Of Reekie Linn

Converted Infrared

First post in over a month, my mojo has gone! Recently I purchased a little point and shoot Canon that’s been converted to infrared. I didn’t get much information on the conversion, it does do a nice black and white though. Liking the photograph of the trees, looks almost impregnable. A winter jungle for the crazy brave to venture. I considered taking out the infrared … Continue reading Converted Infrared