Should have made a bit more effort with this one. A mud caked Sunday walk with mini BP we passed this felled trunk that had maybe thousands of mushrooms growing along it. The great conker hunt turned out to be a disappointment.


Some early morning alchemy which I had held off until I’d shot a roll through the Agfa and once developed wished I hadn’t bothered. Still a few decent ones from the Nikkormat and I seem to have printed them better than the last effort.
Another roll being fired through the FTN, maybe dig out the Lubitel again and run some 120 through that and maybe a Russian copy of the holy grail to come soon!


Harbour Chambers at Custom House Dundee apparently going to be part of the Apex hotels chain someday. Apex already has a hotel right behind this 1840’s building, I did take a full shot of the door but it’s on film and still in the camera.
Here’s a couple more shots from a previous walk down that way. Nice shot of the freeze which is now behind netting.LINK


I ride a G.S. scooter with my hair cut neat
I wear my wartime coat in the wind and sleet….


Like the sweat of lovers’
Laying in the fields….


Inside outside, where have I been?
Out of my brain on the 5:15….


I’ve had enough of dancehalls
I’ve had enough of pills
I’ve had enough of streetfights
I’ve seen my share of kills
I’m finished with the fashions
And acting like I’m tough
I’m bored with hate and passion
I’ve had enough of trying to love

Some more negative scans a nice little scooter I snapped a couple of weeks back outside the Mod shop Carnabys the place to go for Dundee mods.
I’ll definitely be printing off the scooter and maybe the other two also. Again these negatives haven’t been cleaned up just quick scans on a Sunday morning.


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