Death is but a door………



The well picked skeletal remains ready to dry out during the coming summer months that I stumbled upon during my walk yesterday. The only other remnant of this fine beast is the fur that once covered it, now blown through the grass. This should probably make nice building materials for the wee birds and mice of these woods.

Not the nicest photos ever but then not every photo should be all flowers and sunshine!
Hope you like the title, a cyber-pint to anyone that can guess where it’s from.



Long Loch




Went for a wee walk today seeing as I am on holiday this one turned out to be a round trip of about 16 miles taking in the superb Long Loch. You could probably sit here for the whole day and not see a single person, the wee boathouses look like they’d be a great place to spend a couple of nights with the little old stove burner keeping you warm.

Doing the research for this place it turns out that the estate this is on is up for grabs at just under 3 million quid! Get you a boat house though.

Big Cats

Tiger Tiger

Feeding Time

King of Beasts

Scottish Wildcat

A couple of big cats and Scotland’s very own wee big cat at Edinburgh Zoo.
As recently as the 1950’s some people still thought Scottish Wildcats were man killers! Nobody is sure how many pure wildcats are still roaming the land but they’re pretty adaptable having outlived the British bears, wolves and lynx.

“They’ll fight to the death for their freedom;
they epitomise what it takes to be truly free I think.” Mike Tomkies

I was surprised how big this tabby super hunter is. Rather than puff out and show its side for size to scare off attackers these fearless felines pretend charge like their big cat cousins.

Might chuck up some dog shots soon but they’re obviously nowhere near as cool as cats!



Possibly the coolest item that’s ever been in the Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre. It was so cool I didn’t read any blurb that was beside it thankfully I picked up a leaflet with some info.
This was the kind of Polaroid camera used by Maripol for photographing everyone from the 70’s to the present day. The DCA are presenting a selection of her photographs, jewellery and clothing at the moment if you’re in Dundee nip along if you’re not use Google as a virtual museum tour.

Never Mind the Bollocks, here’s the….


Quite possibly the greatest name for any optometrist ever! Specsavers probably thought they had a great name but this just blows it away.
The shop was closed when I passed it but it looks pretty cool inside with an old shop retro look about it.

In my mind a wee girl grew up always wanting to sell spectacles to old ladies. Then along came punk and her world changed! She gave up the optometrist course and became a punk rocker instead snarling and spitting into the pogo jumping crowd. Sadly punk died out but it’s flicking embers were reignited when Spex Pistols rose phoenix like from the ash of a forgotten time when safety pins and Johnny Rotten and his green teeth ruled Britannia!