Medium Format DIY Scans



Mucking around with various devices tonight to try and scan these negatives. One printer doesn’t scan because it has no ink and the other just didn’t! So I move on to a home made lightbox which worked quite well but probably would have been better with light from both sides, these are all lit from the left.

These are the best of the shots from my first go at proper film photography a couple more on the Flickr page. You can see a bit of leakage on the right hand side which is either from the camera not having tight seals or my dark room attempt being less than dark.

Here’s a top tip from David Bailey in a Guardian article.

“My images are for you to look at.
If you like them, you like them.
If you don’t, there’s nothing I can do.”

It’s alive, it’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!

First attempt at developing film

My old Lubitel 166B that I purchased a few weeks back lives on. This is my first go at shooting film since the good old days of chucking the film in the chemists.
Managed to completely spool past the first exposure so that was one down eleven to go. Hopefully get some decent scans uploaded soon and then see if I can find a ton of cheap film. Gonna try some 35mm in the Luby seen some decent shots of the film exposed right past the sprocket holes, looks pretty cool.

The developing was a bit of a run up and down the stairs for forgotten pieces, times, funnels and even the laptop! It’s a bit more exciting to see you photos roll out on a negative than on the back of the DSLR.

Graffiti Tree And Fame


The well chiseled and scored tree in the woods. I was stomping through these for ages on Sunday and didn’t see any wildlife anywhere, the past two nights on my little post work runs I’ve been like Dr. Doolittle with little critters and deer jumping out in front of me all over the place.
I was spectacularly close to a squirrel of the red variety but obviously no camera in the running shorts! Got to be careful with those wee chaps, they may look cute and fluffy but they can easily rip a mans face off with one swipe of its ninja like claw.
Three times I saw deer tonight I ended up thinking “Is that the same deer?” he was probably bouncing along thinking “Is that the same human?”
Might need to venture in with the camera for a early evening attempt at some wildlife shots.

Manged to bag a post on the STV website today thanks to a lunch time yap with @stv_joe who had seen a post on the Lost Dundee Facebook page.
You can see the STV post here LINK

Bacon Butties


That’s nice!

Just accidentally deleted my witty story to go with this photo aaaaaagh!
Start again. Lawson of Dyce was once the rulers of the sausage and bacon world in Scotland and at one time the biggest employer in Aberdeen. This was all long before the big boys like Tesco and Asda came along and blitzed all the competition, now you’ve got to eat a week’s worth of food in a day because none of it has a shelf life past two days, three if you’re lucky!

Was never really a fan of sausages in my childhood years and to be fair I’m not really a fan of them now. The legendary tale goes that as a young whippersnapper I’d hide these meat fingers behind the fridge and quite superbly in glasses of orange juice! Not the greatest hiding place I’m sure you’ll agree but great laughs when one suddenly floats to the top of the sink during the washing up. I’m thinking something along the lines of Bill Murray in Caddyshack for hilarity.
Can you imagine after a hard days graft at nursery school.

“Mum! What’s for dinner?”
“F**k that! They’re going right in the orange juice”

The last thing you want after grafting all day is your least favourite food in the world. I’m sure this couldn’t have went on too long, these were tougher times and you don’t really want to be spending money on food that’s not getting eaten. At some point you’re gonna say “Well he doesn’t like sausages so let’s give him beans on toast” must have happened eventually.

I think the only food to surpass my sausage hatred is stir-fry! I absolutely detest that stuff, just the smell gives me the dry boak, don’t even mention bean sprouts to me! Or sweet corn! I’m really giving myself the dry boak now. Bluuuuuurrgh!
There may very well be a retort to this tale on the Facebook page so stay tuned for that. Nearly forgot the ‘That’s nice’ title under the photograph is from the old advert jingle. Such a catchy little tune but sadly no dodgy Betamax conversion to Youtube just yet.

The Sweeney’s doing ninety……





Always been a bit envious of these Europeans that seem to have piles of old cars in and around wooded countryside to photograph. I stumbled across this old Vanguard Standard on my walk through the country today along with a couple of old tractors one of which had the old hand crank starting mechanism.

I don’t think the Sweeney ever did ninety in one of these it was probably a Ford Granada or a Cortina usually pursuing a villain in a Jaguar S Type around old London town.
Some viewers from outside the UK might be thinking “Who the **** are the Sweeney?” Well they were Regan and Carter from a time when men were men and didn’t have any breakfast!