Bottle Sculpture Waldella

This is a bottle sculpture in the McManus Galleries Dundee. I did do something similar on a smaller scale with a Moet bottle might well upload a pic if I can find one. Meant to go back and find out what it’s called, I never but I now know it’s called Waldella!

Should point out this actually hangs vertically but looks good either way. Such a simple idea the kind of simple ideas that I never have aaaaaagh! The kind of things that pop into my head are “I wonder when the last bear roamed Scotland” turns out it was about 500AD so I don’t need to worry about bumping into one.

My first picture to be reblogged so big thanks to secretreaderthinker!


Here’s my effort from a few years back looking at them both mines probably cost more to make and was a more enjoyable emptying of the bottle haha!


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