Caw blimey!

Caws Bar

Caws Bar Dundee I wouldn’t want to describe it as a den of iniquity but it certainly caters to a different class of clientele.
Looking at these old photographs Caws must be one of the oldest bars in Dundee if not the oldest. If it ever disappears I hope it gets a plaque like the Lion Tavern.
Having a wee Google and apparently Pillars Bar is the oldest city centre pub established in 1864 and reputedly haunted wooooooo spooky.

The original black and white can be viewed/purchased here LINK


4 thoughts on “Caw blimey!

  1. My father, John Docherty, owned Caw’s Bar from about 1965 to 1982. It was, back then, a drinking hall with no pretentions. The only food served were a 2 dozen egg sandwiches – which never sold out. Ice for drinks was only available on Saturday.
    But it had a great atmosphere and made my mum and dad a lot of money. I managed the pub when my folks went on holiday and all my friends including Brian Galloway and the sadly missed Bert Donaldson, worked there at one time or another. However I never got the bug and after Exhibition broke up, I went to Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art.

    If you have any more photos I’d love to see them

    Alan Docherty

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