Read all about it, read all about it…..


So made the local paper tonight and bagged a two page spread haha! Unfortunately I didn’t get an image credit which is a bit of a pisser as only one of the mergers published used a Google image a wee link to here would have been nice too.

Some of the images can be found here LINK and maybe some more on the Facebook page link on the left.

Should also say thanks to Lost Dundee where the local paper saw the images originally and Local Photos(Dundee) for helping spread the images.
The original black and white images can be seen here.

Edit My name is under the photography on the online version of the Evening Telegraph the link’s is here


5 thoughts on “Read all about it, read all about it…..

  1. Hi Martin I am photo-sales editor at DCT’s (but had nothing to do with this feature!)I’ve noticed your work on Local Dundee pics and was planning to contact you re working together to sell and market your wonderful images. let me know if you would be interested in discussing this further and coming to some sort of arrangement re selling prints and canvases as I have canvas facilities in place at work also as well as the ability to market the images .Be good to hear from you, Gayle

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