Shaving a coconut

Decided to treat myself to some shaving soap today, Geo. F. Trumper’s Coconut oil.



I’m a bit of a sucker for boxes so the fact that this soap comes in a cracking wee wooden bowl helped with the purchase from the Gentleman’s Groom Room. A superb wee shop in a listed building which is soon to have a Malmaison boutique hotel right next door to it, which can only be good for business.
The shops worth going in just for the smell of the place and the cabinets full of safety razors, if I could afford it I’d buy a new one every week. The razor in these photographs is my Merkur 38c Barber Pole

Want to know how to shave properly here’s a link.

Yesterday a wee trophy popped up on my WP marking my first year blogging, the only blogging that I’ve managed to stick to.
So thanks to everyone on WP, Facebook and anywhere else for looking in.



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