Glengarry Glen Ross


“When you die you’re gonna regret the things you don’t do”

No Glen Ross but it’s put me in the mood to watch the movie. This is not outside a cocktail bar, that’s long gone in the mists of time.
When it was open it was owned by Alexander Stewart who was a whisky dealer and it obviously makes more sense to sell your own brand than someone else’s so Alexander Stewart & Son become whisky distillers their head office were next door to the Glengarry in Castle Street.

I thought I’d posted a photograph of the offices on here before but I haven’t it’s on my Facebook page here It was empty for years but has recently been taken over by a hairdressers and looks a cracking building inside.

Here’s how the boozer looked not so long ago

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Although not so long ago would be more than twenty years ago. Stewart’s Cream of the Barley whisky bottling plant was closed in 1995 ending the city’s association with whisky unless you include those that like a wee dram now and then.
If you’re feeling brave enough you can still purchase the odd bottle here can’t complain at twenty bucks although not one I’d be rushing out to buy.


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