The Moment of Truth

“It is the privilege of beasts to rage about furiously.
It is the duty of man to control himself.”

Ovid 43 BC to 18 AD


Mijas Plaza de Toros

Mijas Plaza De Toros

Inside the plaza




The view from the presidential box




114 years old

The old bullring of Mijas a historical monument and museum for a couple of quid you can have a wee walk around this old arena.
I think this plaza is now mainly for the tourists with Spanish dancers, horses and the odd exhibition corrida de toros featuring novilleros.
Mijas is well worth a visit with stunning views out towards the Mediterranean sea.

The post title is from the 1965 film of the same name about a young man that leaves his Andalusian country home in search of riches and fame in the city bull rings. IMDB,-5.84,57.0


Some of the names that have had their own moments in the plaza



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