Strange Encounters



Being a fan of the sweet science and whilst looking for reprints of the Police Budget Famous Fights I stumbled across this book on amazon for the bargain price of two thousand five hundred pounds. After a little rummage around the net I got it for a much better price and it finally turned up at work today.
It’s basically a history of the fight game before the Marquess of Queensberry rules. Featuring such fighting greats as Tom Cribb, Thomas Molyneaux, Tom Sayers and accounts of some of the fights they would take part in.


There were no rounds in these days, well there was rounds but they would begin with the combatants stepping ‘up to scratch’ and ending with one of them on the ground. This would go on until one could continue no more.


Tom Sayers Wiki entry LINK



Tom Molineaux Wiki entry LINK


I think the book could be a first edition published circa 1946/47 and shows a different time when the writer can recall the time he was alarmed at the thought of a coloured man (Jack Johnson) claiming the heavyweight title.


This is the book front cover the sticker from Boots which opened its libraries round about 1898 the last one closing in 1966, quite like these old books the stories they tell on the inside and if they could talk they could tell some stories on the outside too.


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