Pitlochry Dam

Pitlochry Dam

A couple of shots from Pitlochry Dam from my trip that’s a distant memory. I was officially back home two hours ago.
Anyway the top one is obviously the part of the water held back and the bottom two are the other side. There’s also a fish ladder up the side that lets thousands of Atlantic Salmon make their way past the dam.

The top shot is three merged together I think each shot was around 15 seconds and the bottom two were around the minute mark, I do like long exposure water. I maybe should have cropped out that big metal thing to the left of the top shot but I like the sky above it so it stays.



This one below was from the evening before the ones above, forgot I had this one sitting in Lightroom waiting to be uploaded.


Another shot below from day one in rain soaked Pitlochry


What do people prefer when they click on a photograph? Do you prefer it to open on that tab or to open in a brand new tab?


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