Urbex: House of Gray

Gray House

A Sunday afternoon/evening stroll turned into a little urban exploration, this time in an abandoned in 300 year old mansion. Constructed between 1714 and 1716 as a little country retreat for Lord Gray, the peerage is one of the oldest in Scotland Alexander Gray was created the 1st Lord Gray around 1440.

There has been a few attempts to restore the property but so far none have been completed, as you walk through this building there is still plaster board sheets, pieces of wood and lamps left as if tools have been downed recently although it’s been a couple of years.
Tragically if nothing is done it will probably end up like most historical building in and around Dundee…..confined to memory!

House of Gray, Liff

Above is the first view we had of the mansion, although it’s been a place I’ve wanted to visit for a while this was actually the first time I’d been there.



The hallowed halls above. When you’re in these kind of places you don’t want to say anything about spooks and you certainly don’t want to see anything spooky but when you get home you kinda hope you caught something in a photograph. I didn’t see anything or catch anything and thankfully the good lady was with me so I could chuck her at any ghosts.





Some of the original fireplaces. The majority of this building has the windows bricked up so when it’s dark it’s dark! My plan would have been to sit the camera on it’s tripod, bang on the shutter release and illuminate the room with my torch. I had left my tripod and the shutter release at home so I lit the shots with the torch and quick fired, I’m not to keen on filling the room with the flash and rarely take a shot with it on.



I was hoping for a massive grand staircase in the main part of the building but sadly that detail was left out and a couple of spiral staircases is the best you get. It does make you wonder what kind of people once walked up and down these stairs and along the corridors on dark winter nights with nothing but a candle to light the way.




The back of the house, some roof detail and the weather beaten Gray coat of arms which I suppose is holding up not too badly for it’s 300 birthday.


The final view as wee make our way home, the boss says when we win the lottery she’s having that, although I’m not to keen to be sleeping in a house that’s reputed to be haunted. I think we’ll turn into a boutique hotel, nobody else has succeeded in restoring the property can anyone? Or is there something that doesn’t want the house changed?

Before we got to the house I did get the chance to relive my childhood years by doing a spot of plundering on a massive plum tree and pretty tasty they were too. Far better than anything I knicked from someone’s back garden that’s for sure.



16 thoughts on “Urbex: House of Gray

      1. I was there last year and took a few photos all in the same day only of the outside. Flicking through my photos when i got home i noticed on the second picture the circled attic window was open and was shut on the previous and i could see a white figure although its hard to make the shape out roughly but the window was shut when i arrived, this has spooked me out enough to stay away.

  1. My team and myself have bee n in this building a couple of times and have caught orbs all over the place. No shadows though, just ons. We love going down to it.

    We have caught a eco or two as well and the second last time I was in with another team in the top left of the building (we believe it to be used as a nannys room) there was somethough thrown across the room while we were in

    1. And the final photo you uploaded there was a massive black mass then went up the side wall and continued round the back of the building before disappearing.

      We are currently looking into allow people to come to our investigation s if any of you would like to come along


  2. The house of grey is very close to my heart. My father lived there as a child in a house which was attached to the west wing, it was pulled down along time ago, but I love hearing his stories of growing up there and when the house was an orphanage during the war, and of course stories of The Grey Lady!

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