The Pansies and the bluebells


Glenesk Park

Woke up this morning to a rain lashed Dundee thought the game may have fell victim to the weather but the pitch was playable, the club house roof had sprung a decent leak though.

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell

The shot gets past the defender but not the keeper

The first half kicked off and it looked from the start like there would only be one winner. Violet having to stem countless attacks against top of the table Dundonald Bluebell.

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell


A penalty to Dundonald and a chance to open the scoring the Violet keeper guesses right and saves the spot kick.


You don’t miss those

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell

The Bluebell’s number six opened the scoring with an easy unchallenged header at the back post. Violet have hardly been out their own half and surely won’t be long until Dundonald score again.


A second goal doesn’t come and the Pansies start to make roads up the pitch winning the second penalty of the match.


Instructions whilst number ten waits to take his spot kick

Dundonald have a player sent off but the resulting spot kick is superbly saved by the keeper getting a strong left hand to the ball and turning it away. With time almost running out in the first half a looping header over the keeper looks like it’s going to give Violet an equaliser only for the keeper to somehow turn the ball onto the crossbar. It would have made a cracking action shot unfortunately I was ramming some food down my throat at the time.

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell

Sliding in

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell

Bloodied but still putting in the tackles

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell


Despite being down to ten men Dundonald are more than holding their own. With the Violet keeper spotted off his line a well struck long range shot looks to be dipping under the bar. Violet’s keeper gets both hands to the ball and pushes it up onto the underside of the bar, the ball drops but does it drop over the goal line?

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell

What a strike!

The Dundonald players celebrate the wonder strike and the referee appears to give the goal, the assistant has other ideas.

Dundee Violet v Dundonald Bluebell

No goal!

The goal is disallowed much to the anger of the visiting team. Supporters with a more inline view of the ball agree that it didn’t cross the line, it doesn’t stop the fans venting their disgust at the referee, it remains 0-1.


Bursting through


Good challenge


Beats one and leaves the other chasing

As the game neared full time Violet pushed more and more for a goal missing some good chances then eventually winning the third penalty of the match. Once again the keeper done well but not well enough and with almost the last kick of the ball Dundee Violet made it 1-1.


Celebrating the last minute goal

With the full time whistle gone the players left the field followed by the referee who was told in no uncertain terms what Dundonald Bluebell supporters thought of his performance.


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