Monumental Memorials


The Wallace Monument from Stirling Castle



The man himself



After a morning spent touring Stirling Castle followed by a wee cuppa and toasted sandwich I headed for the monument. Not being from Stirling and armed with only a photograph of a map from the city centre I came to the conclusion that the map had probably not been drawn to scale.
The monument was eventually found helped due to the fact they built it on a large hill, which makes it easy for visiting tourists to find. There’s actually a wee mini bus that takes you from the bottom to the top, I scaled from a different angle so didn’t know about the bus until I scrambled to the top. A day that started out cold, wet and miserable had suddenly turned rather warm.

27 years since I first scaled the 246 steps to the top, a wee narrow spiral staircase all the way to the top a video may follow.
Three rooms are placed at handy breathing stops on the way up the first contains some info on the Battle of Stirling Bridge, Wallace, replica weapons of the time and a wee bit of video footage for the weary traveler.
More stairs up to the second room, the Hall of Heroes with busts of notable Scots from history. I probably will put up the video as it has footage of the busts. The room also contains the item we’re all here to see…………..The Wallace Sword. Apparently 5’4″ in length and 6 pounds in weight, not the kind of thing you want to be dragging down to the shops.
Apparently William Wallace would have had to be 6’7″ to comfortably swing this broadswords around his head. Around about the time of Wallace the average Scotsman would have been around 5′ making Wullie a bit of a giant. The sword is in remarkable condition for its age and I’m surprised that in these modern times no one has said “How about we take the sword down to Stirling University and get it carbon dated” or maybe they have…………
Just kidding we all know it’s his sword.


The final room on the journey has info on the building of the monument and the legacy that Wallace left behind. I’ve included photos of the display that has some stats and info click on these to take you to Flickr and click on them again to enlarge.





Final photo, one from the Hall of Heroes the great Reformer John Knox. I only photographed this bust from the Hall of Heroes for the simple reason that thanks to my dear old mother I am a Knox.


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