Old Buildings and Memories




A couple of the old buildings of St Andrews to start with and the famous outdoor swimming pool, basically just a bit of the North Sea walled off!
As a child the old man decided to take my brother and I on a trip to the swimming at St Andrews. We were obviously expecting a heated pool with maybe a couple of slides to bomb down, this is where we ended up!

We walked around the wall to the sea end of the “pool” you could feel the coldness of the water on your feet but it didn’t prepare you for what was to come.
The swimmers take their marks and ……….. they’re off! Quite possibly the coldest water anywhere on the face of the planet. I can remember the water appearing to be quite clear when I was under it but you don’t want to stay under and admire Scottish underwater creatures too long when you’re close to blacking out with the cold.
It would have been good to get an official timing by Omega for this one and only length in the North Sea because I think this was world record stuff. We were still doing a breast stroke through the sand in our bid to escape the icy clutches.


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