The Journal

The Secret Journal

Notes and Memories

So here’s my top secret journal which I rarely do anything in but when I do I promise myself I’ll do it more often. It’s basically just a few wee notes, tickets and various other bits and pieces I collect. It will help me remember the good times when the senility kicks in.
The open pages are wee bits from Spain, bullring tickets, football stadium stuff and a wee ribbon that a nun gave me, we were there during the Semana Santa Easter services. Quite a decent spectacle for a family of non religious types, good to see what it means to others.
I’d post more shots from inside the book but I don’t want to give too much away haha!

Note Books

A couple of notebooks that have nothing in them. I’ve got a habit of collecting stuff like notebooks, watches, boxes and bottles! I couldn’t resist the Hopper Nighthawks one when I saw it.
The Beano one is for the childhood memories, I used to get it delivered every week, back then Dennis was only a couple of frames away from the dreaded Demon Whacker! Battering unruly children with a slipper of elephant hide is frowned upon these days so Dennis’ adventures aren’t quite as menacing as they used to be, as the Telegraph reported a few years back.
Back in the olden days as a mere child I had ambitions to be a cartoonist for the Beano needless to say I am not! Might do a Dennis the Menace tomorrow to see if I still have it.


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