Don’t Open Dead Inside


Return to the asylum, probably the last time I’ll venture in here. This is the the older maybe the oldest part of the hospital.


The entrance from the inside. Down towards the main door turn right and the stairs that ascend to heaven.
Obviously I had the shakes when I fired the one below off. Things that go bump in the night are not usually known for their love of spray painting but when you creep around old buildings you can’t help but let these little messages put something in the back of your mind.


Up the stairs, some parts are dark some parts aren’t. When I was a kid we used to play around in an old hospital for infectious diseases but we never ventured up the stairs in it.


Top of the stairs turn right then left made it safe!


Probably worth a couple of quid if you could get it out, no mass of riches inside it. A wee look around upstairs nothing exciting except soft and warped flooring. Time to get back out.


Back the way we came turn right and out because if you turn left.


There’s dead inside! At least they’re not infected or are they?
That’s it then pretty much all the buildings of Starthmartine Hospital explored before the bulldozers move in and flatten the lot. Click on this LINK if you want to see a previous trip with a bit more history on the place.




The yellow area is where these photographs were taken, the blue is previous visited parts of the site that can be seen in the LINK above or below. Red is the area the hospital sits on.
The two unexplored buildings side by side are pretty securely locked up and look like they could be the ones in the best condition. The single building sits close to the old gate house which could be a security post now.

Nearly forgot if you’re going to be spending some time here and fancy relaxing a bit why not try out the luxurious pool facilities.


The Baldovan Asylum previous visit.

2014 STATS

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Here's an excerpt:

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