On your knees and pray!

Get down on your knees and pray!


Sleep not in sin, for vengeance is prepared against all disobedient. Flee from Babylon, if you will not be partakers of her plagues.

John Knox


A few more shots from St Giles Cathedral, the first a rather cracking angel and the next two are of the great reformer John Knox. Obviously when you’re in Edinburgh you’re gonna stumble across this fella a few times and seeing as my dear old mother is a Knox I’ve got to snap a few for the family album.
Taken a wee while to find a quote from the big guy that I liked, decided that one from The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women might not be one for the twenty first century.
Sure he would have put on a fiery show from his pulpit though.

If you’re ever in Edinburgh have a wee look around the impressive St Giles Cathedral.


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