New Old Camera






I was reading an article at the weekend which mentioned this little Soviet era medium format camera. I then spent pretty much the rest of my day researching the wee Lubitel(Russian for amateur) 166.

In production from the 1950’s to the 80’s and then reborn in the 21st century thanks to the Lomo Society and up for grabs just short of 300 quid! It’s a nice wee entry level for anyone wishing to try medium format photography and they can be snapped up on ebay much cheaper than the regenerated 21st century one.

I love the old fashioned look to it with the twin-lens, the little switches on the lens and the mechanical timer for the all-important selfies. This one’s a 1980’s model makes you wonder if it photographed the final years of communism in the Soviet Union. I think it’s safe to say it’s the only item I own that has ‘MADE IN THE USSR’ on it.

I’ve got film arriving this week for the camera and might even try developing the negatives myself at some point.


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