Old School SD Card

Old School SD Card

Some B&W film turned up today for my wee Russian Lubitel camera. Looking forward to this retro way of shooting obviously if I’m successful I’ll post the images here if I’m not there will probably be a Russian camera screaming through the air like a cosmonaut!
I’m seriously considering developing the film myself, lots of decent tutorials around the web so once costed might give it a wee shot and then who knows maybe turn the kitchen into a darkroom.

Scanning Negatives Attempt 1

Thought I’d better find out how to scan a negative if I’m gonna shoot film. Above is a rough attempt using my laptop screen to light the negative so this has caused the blocky pixel look.
It was a quick play around in Lightroom I’ll have another go with a better set up when I have more time but at least I know it can be done.


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