Bacon Butties


That’s nice!

Just accidentally deleted my witty story to go with this photo aaaaaagh!
Start again. Lawson of Dyce was once the rulers of the sausage and bacon world in Scotland and at one time the biggest employer in Aberdeen. This was all long before the big boys like Tesco and Asda came along and blitzed all the competition, now you’ve got to eat a week’s worth of food in a day because none of it has a shelf life past two days, three if you’re lucky!

Was never really a fan of sausages in my childhood years and to be fair I’m not really a fan of them now. The legendary tale goes that as a young whippersnapper I’d hide these meat fingers behind the fridge and quite superbly in glasses of orange juice! Not the greatest hiding place I’m sure you’ll agree but great laughs when one suddenly floats to the top of the sink during the washing up. I’m thinking something along the lines of Bill Murray in Caddyshack for hilarity.
Can you imagine after a hard days graft at nursery school.

“Mum! What’s for dinner?”
“F**k that! They’re going right in the orange juice”

The last thing you want after grafting all day is your least favourite food in the world. I’m sure this couldn’t have went on too long, these were tougher times and you don’t really want to be spending money on food that’s not getting eaten. At some point you’re gonna say “Well he doesn’t like sausages so let’s give him beans on toast” must have happened eventually.

I think the only food to surpass my sausage hatred is stir-fry! I absolutely detest that stuff, just the smell gives me the dry boak, don’t even mention bean sprouts to me! Or sweet corn! I’m really giving myself the dry boak now. Bluuuuuurrgh!
There may very well be a retort to this tale on the Facebook page so stay tuned for that. Nearly forgot the ‘That’s nice’ title under the photograph is from the old advert jingle. Such a catchy little tune but sadly no dodgy Betamax conversion to Youtube just yet.


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