Graffiti Tree And Fame


The well chiseled and scored tree in the woods. I was stomping through these for ages on Sunday and didn’t see any wildlife anywhere, the past two nights on my little post work runs I’ve been like Dr. Doolittle with little critters and deer jumping out in front of me all over the place.
I was spectacularly close to a squirrel of the red variety but obviously no camera in the running shorts! Got to be careful with those wee chaps, they may look cute and fluffy but they can easily rip a mans face off with one swipe of its ninja like claw.
Three times I saw deer tonight I ended up thinking “Is that the same deer?” he was probably bouncing along thinking “Is that the same human?”
Might need to venture in with the camera for a early evening attempt at some wildlife shots.

Manged to bag a post on the STV website today thanks to a lunch time yap with @stv_joe who had seen a post on the Lost Dundee Facebook page.
You can see the STV post here LINK


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