Duckboard Run & The Everlasting Fire


Usually have a wee run through the woods after a hard day at the grind running through the wee trails and over these duckboards is one of my favourite parts.


During childhood breaks from school we’d sometimes go for a bit of exploring in the woods. Obviously in those olden days nobody had a clue where you were or what you were up to so you could kinda do whatever you wanted and nothing was really out of bounds.

The walk up here seemed like miles back then and the woods themselves appeared to be massive as everything is when you’re a kid including the small adventures we’d sometimes embark on.
This part of the woods where the above photograph was taken would usually have the dying embers of a fire, which is great if you’re a kid in a wooded area with a bit of pyromania running through your veins. It wouldn’t take long to get the hot embers burning bright again.

Sadly the everlasting fire is no longer burning so we can probably consign that name to history. Although it may just have been our wee gang that called it that.

I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve.
Jesus, does anyone?

The Writer (Gordie) Stand By Me


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