Retired Road Slappers

The Old Road Slappers

My twenty quid running shoes have finally been retired sending them out in a blaze of glory with a seven and a half mile run/jog/walk/crawl the other night. Some kind of neolithic stone through the heel was the final nail for these cheapos thankfully it wasn’t lower down the foot or they’d have been getting cut off!

Tomorrow I shall christen the new lightweight slappers and attempt to push myself a bit further thanks to the wee bro giving me a copy of Dean Karnazes book. My old man was a marathon runner, running New York twice, the first 24 hour road race in Scotland completing 115 and a quarter miles, several 36 mile races and countless other marathons around Scotland, England and beyond.
Obviously I’m never gonna be able to do that, I struggled to keep up with him on a 11 mile bike ride and he was 68/69 at the time!


Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself.


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