Half Dram 2015

The Dundee 2015 half marathon is underway as I type. I managed to drag myself out of bed just in time to see the runners coming out of the reservoir, probably should have done it myself as a wee doffing of the cap to the old man but I didn’t. My weeks training probably wasn’t enough, maybe next year.

DSC_0003.jpgLeading The Pack

Just noticed that the guy leading doesn’t have a number. Maybe it’s on his back or maybe he’s a ghost runner! Banned for being too good he still runs, not for medals but just because he can and will.





It’s not the hottest day of the year today but it is a decent day by Dundee standards. Anyone running thirteen miles deserves that medal at the end. Anyone doing it in a snowman suit should be getting a George Cross!


You’re Going The Wrong Way


Water Stop


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