Nikkormat FTN First Film Developed

Some shots from the old Nikkormat FTN. The negatives have been hanging around for a week now so I thought I’d try and scan them as best I can.


The top two seem to have scanned the best although the left has a ghost negative running through it, that could be a reflection bouncing back from my light source.


I need to either find a scanner for negatives, work on building something that does a job or have a shot at going for the full print experience!

DSC_0052.jpgI’m liking the old school camera for shooting at the moment, it looks cool, feels indestructible and doesn’t run out of battery. It’s also a lot more exciting to see your film once it’s developed as opposed to banging the SD card in the PC and watching Lightroom boot up. Going on a trip soon so might have to stock up on some film for that. DSC_0041.jpg


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