Barcelona Pieces


Two hours after leaving Salou we arrive at the final stop Estació de França apparently the second busiest station in Barcelona but pretty much empty when we were there. It was first built for the arrival of trains from France, they now depart at Barcelona Sants if you’re wanting to head that way then that’s where to get off.


I do like to see old signage on walls and looking around the web these could be from around the 1920’s before the cafe became a restaurant. As you come out the station you head left for Las Ramblas and pass this restaurant on the way.


Barcelona is obviously massive and really you need a couple of days and probably more to properly explore the city. Hopefully a deal can be found in the not too distant future for a proper tour, might even do decent shots of touristy stuff for you all.


The market(La Boqueria) at the Las Ramblas entrance. Absolutely packed you go one way, the same way as everyone else! Sells everything though.



That’s it for this post more from Barcelona may follow in the next couple of days.


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