Woody Woodpecker Enter The Dragon


The dreaded holiday theme park disguised as a place to meet Woody and friends, friend number one Furius Baco!


The crowds didn’t look too busy for this one so off we went to enjoy this sedate ride around the park. Once you get to the top you find that it is busy, very busy. It’s actually around a two hour wait and once we’re in touching distance of the ride it breaks down. Not what you want when you’re close to boarding.
Whatever the problem is they manage to “fix” it by sending the ride out empty and then it’s our turn. Strapped in a little video screen to warm things up and wait for the countdown…..no countdown. Bang! We’re off at around 84mph in 3.5 seconds the pressure going from zero to that speed in that time is pretty intense thankfully after 55 seconds the ride is over! Yup 2 hours for less than a minute.
You can ride it below.

Impressive isn’t it?


Next up it’s Shambhala: Expedición al Himalaya the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe. Until Baco I hadn’t been on any kind of ride since the great Downfield Summer Fair disaster when I was 11 so the tallest and fastest was a big step up in class.


That happy fellow punching the air because he’s so excited to be climbing 256 feet and then fall the same distance is me.
Tick-tick-tick-tick…The start of the ride is the easy part once you’re over the lip that’s when you start swearing, a lot! Right at the bottom of the drop there’s a tunnel which you’re obviously gonna go through but you’re thinking “We’re not making this!”

Woody Woodpecker Enter The Dragon BLOGGER PHOTOGRAPHY


But you do make it and after a few twist, turns and bumps it’s over and we can look at the photographs that we’re not going to purchase and off to the next one. Well not a next one for me the Shambhala had worked its magic because my queso y jamón toastie had definitely shifted in my stomach and was certainly not up for anything else after that which was disappointing.

So far so good… so far so good… so far so good. How you fall doesn’t matter. It’s how you land!
Hubert, La Haine.


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