Eastern Bloc Fun


Some shots taken on the Lubitel last weekend. A wee entry level medium format camera which is an absolute nightmare to try and focus, I don’t think you can focus it just fire off a shot and hope for the best. Having said that mini BP did take a decent snap of your humble photographer.

This might be the last run for this wee Eastern Bloc camera it just seems to be a waste of money buying film when the thing is so difficult to focus. I think I’ll relegate this to ornament and sometimes used when experimenting with double exposures and the like. A nice wee start to the world of film and it without it I’d have never attempted to develop film and I’m now an expert in that field…….ok competent in that field.

I’m hoping the weekend brings out a new skill. If it does you’ll see it here if it doesn’t you’ll hear the screams!

Lubitel Double Exposure


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