The WWI Valet


An old razor from the start of the 20th century and a time of war. This little beauty is in amazing condition considering it could be close to a hundred years old.
The thing about these old items is that they make you wonder who has held them before you and what did they do with their lives?



The razor itself is a stunning man toy with little cogs on the sides for the opening of the blade holder. Made when everything was done by hand unlike today’s mass produced plastic gimmick filled razors.



The strop looks like it hasn’t been out of its original box let alone used for sharpening a blade.



The blades sit in their own little holder which fits nicely inside the case.


In an advert from 1918 the Valet is priced at One Guinea which I’m lead to believe is around 21 shillings and that’s around sixty five quid in today’s money. So I’m guessing it was tidy some back in those olden days, you can see the advert from 1918 here LINK.
I’ll be sticking with my 38c Barber Pole for the face scraping and give this one in my man cave…..if I ever get one.



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