Tales From The Darkroom Part 2

scan 14-9-2015 20h59m30s.jpg

A couple of scans from my first ever darkroom prints. Something went wrong on the one above down the left hand side although you can see it’s a softer image to the previous scan from the negative a couple of weeks ago in this LINK Looking at that now I probably battered it around in Silver Efex before uploading it. Below the Columbus Monument, Barcelona not too bad an effort for one of the first goes.

scan 14-9-2015 21h0m8s.jpg

scan 14-9-2015 21h1m4s.jpg

Deliberate double exposure above on the medium format Lubitel. I maybe left this under the enlarger a fraction too long but I like it so you get to see it.


A nice little introductory attempt at darkroom printing hopefully the next batch will be outstanding with the arrival of a new old book on darkroom techniques and who knows maybe some dodging and burning attempts.

The medium format photo was shot with Ilford FP4+ and the other three with Kentmere 400, the negatives were all developed with Tetenal products from start to finish and the prints done in Firstcall-Photographic chemicals.


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