Architecture In The Development Tank


More from the development tank. Some of these I’ll print off when I set up the darkroom again. Above shot has a previously posted digital version taken from the same spot but with a 50mm lens you can see it here.


As you can see there’s a fair bit of spotting on these. I haven’t cleaned up the negatives just quickly scanned them this morning to see how they actually looked. I’ll give the ones I plan to print a wee clean up when I get around to the printing stage.


Some of these have been sitting in the camera wee while now, got to be a bit more choosy when firing off the film shots. Although sometimes I’ll shoot the same shot in digital just for the comparison.

Blood moon tonight if I manage to see it I’ll shoot it, if I don’t you’ll see a load of them from everyone else.


All shot with Nikkormat FTN, Kentmere 400 film and 28mm lens. Developed with FD10 developer for around 12 minutes.


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