Red Box Of Memories

scan 3-12-2015 19h6m33s.jpg

Going through my old shoebox of photos and other assorted bits of rubbish I gather over the years and decided to give these a scan.

These were taken in the Glen Doll which is around about HERE.

Below looks like a bit of a dangerous climb so that’s what a pair of nuts decided to do. We survived and made our way to a bothy hidden under a massive boulder.

scan 3-12-2015 19h4m33s.jpg

Back in these pre digital days I used to video our hill climbing adventures on a HI-8 camcorder sadly the DVD conversion does not play but if I can ever extract the files I might do a wee blog post featuring them.

The last shot is of a frozen waterfall in the area. I’ll need to see the wee bro about the exact location.
It’s been years since I tackled this kind of terrain maybe one day I’ll be back you never know.

scan 3-12-2015 19h6m33s_3.jpg

These were all shot with a Minolta 35mm camera.


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