Zorki Colour


Here’s a couple more from my shooting with the Zorki a couple of weeks back. I already had the Nikkormat loaded with B&W and decided to chuck a roll of colour in the wee Russian rangefinder. Once I’d fired through it the plan was to either send it off for processing or try an experimental process. In the end after costing the price of C-41 I decided to have a stab at developing the film myself.


The weekend begins now. I’ve got 120 B&W in the Lubitel to be finished B&W in both the Nikkormat and the Zenit to be finished and I also received an email from one of the analogue photography sites with a mini interview to be filled out. I’m considering doing a set of 120 double exposures to go with that or maybe 35mm double exposures with the sprockets exposed. Could look cool I’ll need to check that out.

I’m also gonna get some lighter fluid this weekend and try and get the Agfa Isolette III running at full steam with the dream of one day having it in a faux royal blue leather with matching bellows.


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