All That Jazz


Ask me the name of my boat?

Groucho’s record shop in Dundee has got a jazz wall theme going on just now. Not sure if it’s permanent or it’s gonna change every now and then.
The Talented Mr Ripley features a fair bit of jazz which we watched recently and one of my favourite films is the 2014 Whiplash, a 15 round title fight on drums.

A wee edit. Groucho’s is a bit of a Dundee institution everyone goes there for a rummage through racks of CDs, DVDs, LPs and even 78s coming soon! You could spend hours in here it’s apparently one of Johnny Marr’s(ex-Smiths) favourite record shops.
It’s also getting a wee documentary made about it which you can read more about here. LINK

Home beanalogic

Above a wee piece on the beanalogic website on yours truly click the pic to take you there. 100% analogic……apart from the digital upload obviously.

That little beanalogic logo to the right will also take you to my film stuff on that site.


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