Lone Scots Pine

Lone Scots Pine

I’ve always wanted to get this tree with a decent long exposure of clouds streaking past. Every time I’ve been here there’s not been a cloud near the thing or it’s actually in the clouds!

This lonesome tree sits on the Sidlaw Hills behind Dundee, it takes me about an hour to get out there and about the same to drag myself up to the location.
I spent the first half hour or so trying to get a decent shot of the stream that runs past a tree at the bottom of the hills. I manage to leave a required lens in the house and couldn’t get the right angle/distance with the lens I had with me so just went with a close up of the water for around a minute of exposure.


This is one of the shots I got of the stream just short of a minute exposure. The clouds looked to be heading east so a quick tab up the hill for my shot of the day.

Get up there and there’s plenty of clouds but they’re not heading over my hill. I decide to spend some time setting up and then sitting down waiting for some cover to head my way.
It did take a wee while for some to move over but once it did I fired off a few shots settling on the top one as my best. A two minute exposure played around with a little bit in Lightroom and covered with a selenium colour.


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