The Best Of 2015


Strathmartine Hospital(Baldovan Asylum)

Looking down the stairs of the abandoned Strathmartine Hospital. This part has since been set on fire and I’d imagine even less safe.


Rolex Catalogue

A boring indoor shot playing around with extension tubes topped the charts in February.


On Your Knees And Pray! B&W

A little edit missed this angel which was actually my most viewed shot of the year, almost seven thousand.


Macro Watch Inside

April’s winner is the inside of a double hunter pocket watch.


Macro Dandelion

More macro fun wins the day in May a close up Dandelion making a nice little black and white.


Spooky Woods

Down tools in June this was an early shot in the local woods. A smidge of exposure with the camera panning up. I always see a face in the left of this shot.


Poster Cagliari, Sardinia 2013

A shot from a few years back which I redone on black and white for some reason and it came out a winner for that month.


Cross Processing

A woodland scene the first from a roll of film to make the list. This was colour film that had been processed with black and white chemicals.


Lubitel Double Exposure

A lot of high views this month but this one sneaks it. A double exposure on the old USSR Lubitel 166 medium format camera.



Three in a row for the film shots. This one of Desperate Dan striding away from Minnie The Minx, taken with the Nikkormat FTN.


First Attempt At Colour Film Development.

There was a nice one that I thought was gonna be here but as I got to the top this shot from my phone beat it. A roll of film from the Zorki 4K and the first roll of colour film I’ve developed.


Lone Scots Pine

Finishing last year with a high the lone Scots Pine on the Sidlaw Hills second highest viewings for the year.

This is from the viewers on Flickr obviously some photographs are in higher viewed groups and such but that’s just the way it goes.


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