Zorki In The Mist


Fired off the last few shots in the Zorki today thought I had more but turned out it was only five or six. These are from the start of the year and the never ending rain that lashed Scotland.
The above shot has a look of another time with the old country road and the mist covered woods.



The above shot is one I like to fire off first with a new roll of film. If the film’s been exposed to the light when I’m putting it in the camera then fair enough, if it comes out ok then that’s a bonus. The Zorki 4K doesn’t come equipped with the best shutter counter so best to fire a couple of duds to get the film through.
Below a field of hay bales make a wet end.


Good to develop a roll and find the shots I’ve forgotten I’d taken. I’ve a couple still to fire from the Nikkormat and I know there’s a photo in there I’m hoping I’ve exposed correctly, I’ll finish that roll next weekend.



7 thoughts on “Zorki In The Mist

  1. Cool images. These Russian cameras get some great pics, with a timeless quality to them. I’ve got a Helios lens on a Canon EOS10 film body and I’m getting amazing results. cheers

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