Gucci my cat

Not been out with the cameras for a wee while so here’s one I grabbed of our cat Gucci at the weekend, probably the best photo I’ve got of any of our cats.

This fellow we rescued from the Cats Protection he came with the name and a blanket. He’s a bit of a softy and nowhere near the levels of murder that his predecessor Maverick was capable of. Guch considers a leaf to be a decent present to leave on the front step which I suppose is a lot nicer than a broken necked pigeon!


2 thoughts on “Gucci

  1. Fluffy like my cat! Great photo. I like the way he has his tail tucked over his paws … and his whiskers are at a tilt. A real beauty.

    1. Yeah he’s a cracker, he looks expensive that’s why I wanted him. I miss the vicious killer instinct of Maverick even dogs were scared of him, had a dog owner come across to complain about him once.

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