Agfa Isolette III

Agfa Isolette III

Time to give up on the old Agfa. After months of promising myself to fix the rangefinder I finally get around to it today and it’s still gubbed! The first five shots have registered nothing, the sixth wouldn’t fire and the seventh(middle frame) was probably the best of the roll. Another two shots are maybe half decent.

Although it was a test roll I was hoping I would at least have twelve images on the film but I’ve got nothing so I’m giving up on it now. I might ebay it or keep it for ornamental use in my soon to come man cave! I’ve got eleven shots to go on another medium format so fingers crossed that it pulls some gems out of its little lens.

Below is one of the other reasonable shots to come from its old innards. You’ll notice some pixelation that’s from the laptop screen I used to backlight the negative.



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