Bring Out The Big Guns Get The Canon!

Canon Canonet QL17

The biggest selling rangefinder of all time! In the ten years between 1972/82 Canon shifted 1.2 million of these little 35mm gems. I was beaten in several ebay bids for one and priced out of the costly UK buy it nows, in the end I decided to go for one of the more reasonably priced units from Japan. It’s a cracking looking camera the Canonet QL17 lettering wouldn’t look out of place on a 70’s muscle car.

Canon Canonet QL17

Canon Canonet QL17

G-III standing for grade up and third and ultimately the final generation of Canonets. The QL stands for quick loading, a system that makes loading film foolproof. I’ll find out how foolproof at the weekend.

Canon Canonet QL17

A nice 40mm f1.7 lens on the business end with a 1/500 to 1/4 shutter and bulb if needed. Looking forward to shooting some film through this at the weekend.


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