Shots From The Old Gun

AGFA Isolette III

So a couple of posts back I uploaded some shots of the dismantled lens of my AGFA Isolette III taken during a repair attempt. A few months ago I had taken apart the rangefinder to give that a bit of a clean up as it was pretty much jammed solid, didn’t say that in the Ebay listing!
After the rangefinder clean up I fired through its second test roll and got pretty much nothing worth posting, it appeared that the shutter was a sticking and exposing longer than it should do.

AGFA Isolette III

Taking apart the lens frontage turned out to be pretty easy and the shutter immediately snapped shut when the magic lighter fluid was dropped in place. I probably overdid the fluid but wanted to give the 50/60 year old gears a bit of a flush out.

AGFA Isolette III

Left the camera out to air over night and had a couple of test fires at all speeds the next morning. JAMMED! Once I went to bulb the shutter stuck and wouldn’t fully close without help on all speeds. Battered more lighter fluid at the machine and off to work. Come home same test same result, 25, 10 and B just kill the shutter.

AGFA Isolette III

More fluid is battered in to free the jam on the faster speeds and now I remind myself not to shoot at 25 or below. Friday past gets it third test roll through the old innards. If it doesn’t work now I’ll have to give up.

AGFA Isolette III

Thankfully the test roll shows signs of life, not the greatest shots taken but the best I’ve taken with the old girl. The next stage for the wee medium format shooter is a complete reskin with some nice soft leather.

You’ll notice some white at the bottom of the shots I think we can put this down to my dodgy development skills.


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