Isolette III Rebuild/Reskin Part One

Agfa Isolette Rebuild/Reskin

Not posted for a few weeks my photography mojo has gone! I’ve been in the man cave tonight checking up on the lens from an Agfa Isolette III which is pretty sticky. I’ve read conflicting reviews about leaving the lens body in lighter fluid but I’ve decided to give it a go seeing it did a decent job on the rangefinder.

Agfa Isolette Rebuild/Reskin

Above the aperture blades and below the shutter blades after a night in the fluid. I’ve been firing the shutter a few times to let the fluid dry out a bit and tonight I’m letting it dry completely and I’ll check it at all speeds tomorrow.

Agfa Isolette Rebuild/Reskin Agfa Isolette Rebuild/Reskin

Finally decide to tear off the original skin which was coming away at the corners and get a start in getting the body ready for its new top of the range leather skin.

Agfa Isolette Rebuild/Reskin

The old skin’s peeled off pretty easily and will be used as templates for the new one.

Agfa Isolette Rebuild/Reskin

The Instagram link on the right at the moment is a short clip of the rangefinder in working order. Obviously the ebay discription wasn’t close to the condition it turned out to be in, the best part seems to be the bellows which don’t appear to show any light leaks.


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