Spain At 120mm Per Hour


The Agfa Isolette III made the journey to Spain with us after my rebuild attempts. The excitement of developing a few rolls when I got back was short lived when I saw how black they came out.
I was thinking that maybe the bright Andalucian sun had spotted a hole in the bellows that the dark skies of sunny Scotland had failed to penetrate. However on Sunday when out shooting with my Ricoh 500 something in my head made me check my light meter which was given the exact same readings for every ISO I entered.
So I’m hoping that the blackness of the negatives was due more to overexposure than a fault in the camera somewhere.


A shot of Europa on top of the cunningly disguised Zeus. A pretty sharp image from the 60 year old camera that until recently couldn’t be focused and the shutters were stuck.


The Plaza De Toros in Fuengirola next door to the Bioparc from previous posts.


Up in the mountains for a trip to Mijas whitewashed and a lot hotter than the easter visit of a few years back.



The Plaza De Toros of Mijas a nice little museum, obviously not everyone’s thing but worth a visit.



Spain 2016

The last two shots were a bit of muck up, appears to be a problem with the camera which may have been the wind on mechanism popping out. Still I’m happy to have rescued some shots from the film. The squares that appear on some of the images were caused by using my laptop screen as a back light.


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