Ilford FP4


Purchased a bag for moving the camera film from the roll to the developing tank and save having to either tape off a room or wait until darkness. I thought this roll was local stuff but once developed turned out to be mainly from Spain.



At full screen you may see some squares across the image, this is from using my laptop screen to backlight the negative I don’t have a scanner that can do medium format film.


Photographing the photographer

The above image is my favourite from the 12 taken although I’ve overexposed the negative I’ve managed to pull something from it.
Below finishing the roll back in sunny Scotland.


All but one of the images were usable from this roll for the first time since I’ve purchased and played around with the wee Isolette. Probably the coolest camera I own, might see if I can pick up another cheap one and have a go at repairing with a view to selling it on.


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