The Royal House

Royal Palace Amsterdam

During our Amsterdam trip we stopped off at the Royal Palace for some touristic culture. The above shot is the main hall that greets you as you come up from the main entrance. You can actually walk through the building on Google Street.

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Above good old Atlas holds aloft his celestial globe. It was a bit dark inside parts of the building so the ISO has been ramped up a bit on these shots.

Royal Palce Amsterdam

Royal Palce Amsterdam

Wolves and crying babies, a reference to the terrible aspects of war. This freeze is above the entrance to Queen Hortense’ apartments, she didn’t hang around in them for long. The skulls were depressing and the smell that came from the nearby canal was too much.

A Roman Camp Under Attack By Night

A Roman Camp Under Attack By Night painted by Jacob Jordaens Epic looking painting which was pretty hard to make out in the building due to the darkness.

Royal Palace

Above is the ceiling in the main hall made of timber and supports six massive chandeliers.

Royal Palace Amsterdam

In the Royal Palace Amsterdam

My favourite image taken above looking down in the Tribunal where criminals met their fate usually death. The four statues with their heads down are criminals awaiting the outcome of their trials.

Below is the Lightroom/Silver Efex edit. The colour image straight from the RAW file without edit looks dull and flat whereas the black and white looks a lot more atmospheric. I do like a black and white image and a bit of post processing of the files.



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