The Best Of 2016


January: This throw away effort on the Ricoh 500G is the surprise most viewed shot of this particular month.

Hay Bale

February: From the Zorki 4K a hay bale in a flooded field sneaks the most viewed.


March: Mini BP wins this one, shot with a Nikon FTN and metered for a completely different kind of film to the one I actually had in the camera. A bit gutted to open up the back and realise what I’d done.

Helios Lens 44-4

April: Playing around with a Helios lens on the Nikon DSLR.

Twisted Tendernes

May: The Canon QL17 GIII arrives and wins the month with this twisted tree. Still a roll sitting in it to be developed.

Oor Wullie Bucket Trail

June: A winner from the Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, a trail I didn’t mean to go on but spotted a few that day.

The Bucket Trail

July: Another from the Bucket Trail and my personal favourite of the year taken with my oldest camera the Isolette III.

Spain 2016

August: Mijas, Spain not the greatest shot taken but the most views for this month.

Round & Round

September: The Ricoh comes out of hiding and gets it’s second winner of the year.

Sidlaw Panorama

October: A trip to Amsterdam and Manchester but it’s one from just around the corner that wins.

Macro/Extension Tubes

November: A macro effort taken indoors with a thick frost outside hampering my efforts to get out.

Clatto Infrared

December: Infrared my new favourite thing to play around with so maybe more to come but probably more film stuff too after a successful spell in the darkroom.
Obviously some of the stats on these will be skewed due to the way I tag or in some cases don’t tag.
Not the greatest stuff I’ve shot, 2017 must get out and shoot more.


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