The Final Run

Isolette Roll

Picked up some medium format film yesterday and decided to burn a roll through the old Isolette III. The above image is an accidental triple exposure which has turned out not too bad. Not sure how the first and second overlapped but I do know I hadn’t wound on the film for the third shot, I actually overrode the lock to take the third it wasn’t until I wound on I realised what I’d done.

Isolette Roll

A wee pony chewing on some grass and below the old danger sign showing how sharp this old camera can be when it all goes right.
When it does all go to plan I seem to have done a not too bad job of repairing it in terms of the shutter and recalibrating the rangefinder.

Isolette Roll

Isolette Roll

Isolette Roll

Above the overlapping shots that make up the image at the top of the page. Think it’s time to give up on the Isolette and find me a better medium format shooter.


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