Zenza Bronica Test Roll


A wee gift from last years bonus, the mighty Zenza Bronica ETRSi complete with 120 film back. This is actually the second test roll because I idiotically loaded the first roll backwards.


I didn’t have the correct battery for the camera so all shots were at 1/500 the camera’s only mechanical shutter speed. A battery has arrived so I’ll fire it at different speeds this weekend.



Above shot, seeing how sharp the lens is by focusing on some thorns. They’re blowing around a bit but still a pretty sharp image.






First roll of medium format I’ve shot that actually has an image on every frame. I’ll put more effort into the shots this weekend with a view to doing some decent sized prints.
The plan now is to get down to two cameras a medium format which will be the Bronica and a 35mm which at the moment has the Zorki, QL17, Nikkormat FTN and Ricoh 500G in the running.
The Russian Tank the Zenit 12XP has moved on through ebay and the Lubitel is gonna be next.


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