Miserable Edinburgh

The Castle

Finally arrive to a sodden Edinburgh the kind of drizzle that penetrates to the bone. The whole sky is a dull grey with absolutely no sign of clearing or being able to leave any distinguishing background to the photographs.
I suppose if I had the DSLR I could have photoshopped an effort in but I didn’t it was Ilford FP4+ medium format in the Bronica to shoot.

Jacob’s Ladder

Favourite shot from the day is the above effort of the mights stairs leading from Regent Road all the way down to Calton Road. A mighty climb up the way but I was heading in the opposite direction.

The Watchtower

Actually before the steps I was in the old graveyard for a shot of the old watchtower. If there’s a chance of Burke and Hare sneaking in and stealing a fresh corpse then you need someone to keep an eye on the place. Apparently it was occupied until 1950 probably fine views towards the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Arthur’s Seat.

Boy, lion and sheep.

Above a nod to Isaiah 11:6 in the Cannongate Kirk? I could be wrong so don’t quote me on that, my memories of the Rev Powrie visiting primary school was the maths books being put away. Yipee!


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