Zenza Bronica ETRSi

Zenza Bronica ETRSi

The previous few posts have been film shots from the above camera, at the moment there’s about half a roll to be shot so more film to follow.
Bought this in an attempt to get down to one medium format and one 35mm camera. I’ve managed to say goodbye to the Zenit 12XP so far and struggling to choose which other 35mm cameras to go next and what format to sell on ebay or etsy?

The Bronica does take a nice sharp image, so far the only film camera I’ve shot and every frame is exposed nicely. Probably make a nice portrait camera but my efforts to talk daughter into being a model for the day have fallen of deaf ears and funny sneers.

My version of this camera came with the viewing prism as opposed to the waist-level finder. Having used the Lubitel I find it a pain to get the photographs lined up straight with the mirror image in the screen so prefer the viewfinder prism.

The camera shoots a maximum 1/500 which is the only speed it’ll shoot without a battery, although they are cheap to buy(6v 4SR44). Also it has the ability to shoot multiple exposures, which I’ve not tried but might be something to give a go in the future. I did try it a couple of years back with the Lubitel 166 below.

Lubitel Double Exposure

This is in my opinion a great camera to shoot although on the heavier side, its fighting weight an impressive 2.9 pounds!
Shutter speeds from 8 seconds to 1/500 also has bulb setting.
Removable film backs for shooting different film types if you wish.

I do like medium format film and will more than likely shoot a lot this year with the Bronica. Wouldn’t mind shooting some rare Aerochrome but it’s price matches its rarity.
Maybe finish the roll in the body tomorrow so perhaps something to share on Monday.


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