Change Of Plans


First plan of action today was to head off to the football and do some more action shots. Off to the cash machine and realise I’ve left without my ticket for the bus so I head back home and decide by the time I get there now I’m gonna miss the start so ditch the idea.

Second plan of action is to head up to the local reservoir and sit for half an hour to a an hour and take photographs from that one position. It’s unseasonably warm in chilly Scotland today, t-shirt weather actually and this has brought out an absolute tonne of flies all around the water so I abandon my plans to do that and head for woodland.

Get to the woodland and remember that my lens cap is not in my back pocket but sitting by the reservoir so I have to double back hoping that some snottery nosed kid hasn’t launched it into the water. Thankfully it’s still there and I’m back on my way.


These two images are from the aborted sit and shoot session the woodland walk finished off the last couple of shots in my Bronica so I’ll hopefully get them developed today and maybe get some uploaded tomorrow.


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